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About Allegra

It is so important for our teens to have adult role models that are not their parents. They need to have those adults that aren’t tethered by that familial red string, because teen-parent relationships can be oh-so-intense. There’s a reason why the saying "it takes a village to raise a child" is so popular. Because it does: alongside parents, there are athletic coaches, music teachers, academic teachers, club leaders, therapists, and coaches of all kinds to help the teen grow into the amazing humans they are meant to be.


Allegra Wermuth has spent the last 30 years devoted to teaching kids of all ages, as a private violin teacher. Her speciality is working with tweens and teens. She has a strong connection to teens and their stream of consciousness, she stays relevant to the times, "speaks their {teen} language", and understands their feelings and emotions. Her students and clients respect her and when she gives them some tough love, they return with even more respect and growth.


Confidence & Empowerment

Allegra is also a 500 hr certified yoga teacher and has created Goddess Girls: a program that empowers tween and teen girls through yoga, breathwork, meditation and creativity. She teaches regularly at Pranatonic in downtown Golden, CO. 


With a passion to be able to reach and work with more teens, Allegra has trained and is a graduate of the Teen Wisdom Inc. Virtual Certification Program  with Tami Walsh. Through the training, Allegra acquired tools and skills to help girls remember that they are whole, and that with a coach’s support and guidance they can achieve their goals and honor their choices feeling confident and empowered. Although this training is specific to those teens who identify as girls, it is Allegra’s mission to stay educated, relevant and relatable to teens of all genders.


Allegra makes her home in Golden, Colorado with her teen daughter. She works with tweens, teens and young adults in one-on-one coaching sessions, both in person and virtually and is available for group coaching opportunities as well as speaking engagements.

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