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What is Teen Life Coaching?

Imagine a life where you overcome obstacles and challenges, find clarity amidst the chaos, emotions and pressures of being a teen, and create a thriving life that empowers you to express who you truly are at your core. As your teen life coach, I will meet you where you are, in a safe and trusting non-judgmental environment. With my heart-felt guidance and support, you will have the ability to step into your own unique greatness, achieving your goals and ambitions, evolving into your highest self. As your teen life coach, I already see you as whole. Let’s get you back on the right path, so you can see it for yourself.

I cannot wait to get started on this journey with you!


Why “Embodied”?

The lotus flower is a beautiful flower rooted in mess and mud. The work and growth, often seen as messy, of the flower happens underwater, invisible to the eye. Once grown, a beautiful flower presents itself. You can say the mess and mud are represented in the work and the coaching and the progress or evolution of the client is seen in the flower.


As a teacher and practitioner of yoga, I clearly see the benefits of this practice for those who are needing to find their center, feel their feet securely on the ground beneath them, to take a breath before reacting. For those who are interested in diving into this work, I offer my digital course, GROUNDED. tools for teens to chill.

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